Youth ParlimentBack

The first ever ‘Mock Parliament’ organized by the Association was unmistakably the showstopper of the year. Students of F.Y., S.Y. and T.Y.B.A. were divided among treasury and opposition benches. Prof Manasi Kedari of Vaze College was invited as a resource person to guide the students. The students put in a lot of hard work for more than two weeks. The event was held in the Late Prin. D. G. Samant Hall which was converted into the Loksabha adorned with microphones, chairs, green benches, Visitors’ gallery, Press gallery and the Members of Parliament clad in a dress code. The Opposition members lambasted the performance of the ruling party on a number of issues. The Treasury benches left no stone unturned in defending themselves. Different motions were moved in the House packed with a subtle sense of humour and dramatics. The members of the Management were invited for the grand event. Hon. President of S.E.S. Shri J. R. Mejari, Hon. Chairman Shri. Y. P. Desale, Hon. Treasurer Shri. R. G. Jagdale, members of the Managing Committee Shri. A. N. Borade, Shri. Pankaj Baadkar, Ex-Chairman Shri. P. D. Gawade, Shri. S.S.Majgaonkar and others applauded the performance of the students. The event was judged by journalist Ms. Anuradha Parab, Principal Correspondent of Maharashtra Times, Mr. Hemant Satam and Advocate Ms. Ashwini Jadhav. They all appreciated the stellar performance of the young parliamentarians. Certificates were distributed to the Speaker, Prime Minister, Leader of the Opposition and five best performers from Ruling and Opposition benches. The entire event was video recorded by Mr. Mandar Mayekar and his team.