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Today our society is facing lot of problems related to environment. Moreover, today students are more connected to people all over the world but less connected to the near and dear ones and the nature. Taking this into consideration, Nature Club in our college, sorts out some activities which help them to connect, to our ‘Mother Earth’. The Nature Club conducts various activities such as Observing Plantation Day, Vermicomposting of biodegradable waste, maintenance of Butterfly Garden, Herbal Garden, nature trail etc., throughout the year.

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Upper Kanheri Trek, National Park, Mumbai on 31st January 2024

Green (Nature) Club of our college has organized Upper Kanheri Trek at National Park, Mumbai on 31st January 2024. 16 members of Green (Nature) Club and In-charge of Green Club, participated in the event. Mr. Pankaj Jadhav was the guide for the trek. The students reached the park at 8 am. Before the trekking at Nature Interpretation Centre, SGNP, they screened documentaries of the entire National Park and the big cat and human conflict. They explained students how National Park is acting as lungs of Mumbai. At 9.00am an introduction was given at upper Kanheri Base and we started walking into dense forest. Mr. Pankaj Jadhav explained the flora and fauna of Upper Kanheri area in a lucid way. The students thoroughly enjoyed the trek and expressed their desire to participate in many such activities. Thanks to Mr. Shubham Hadkar , SGNP Nature Education and Extension Officer who helped us to arrange everything for the above trek.

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Visit to Ambika Yoga Kendra, Kelva on 24th January 2024

On 24th January 2024, members Green (Nature) Club have visited Ambika Yoga Kendra, Kelva, Palghar. 11 students and the in- charge teacher had visited the Kendra. They first harvested the vermi-compost, which was initiated by the last years Nature Club members. After that they spread the compost in the garden area. They also reconstructed the two compost pits and filled one of the pit with dry leaves and cow dung and educated the people how to go with vermicomposting project and how important it is for the environment. The Ambika Yoga Kendra was very happy and thankful to the students and the College authorities for such initiative.

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Vermicomposting Harvesting, Compost pit reactivation, Sale of Compost 19th, 20th and 21st October 2023

From 19th October 2023 to 21st October, 2023 the members of Green Club had done the following activities:- 19th October, 2023 Cleaned the butterfly garden and replanted plants there. Harvested the vermicompost. Around 25 sacks (250kg) of compost was harvested. Members made paper bags for packing the compost for sale. 20th October, 2023 Students reactivated the compost pits. Replanted the flowerpots near the compost pits. 21st October, 2023 Sale of compost was organized. The objective of the activity was to make awareness among the students and teachers that waste can be converted to wealth by proper treatment. Rs. 1660 was collected from the sale.

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Van- Mahotsav week from July 1st to July 7th 2023

Members of nature Club have celebrated Van- Mahotsav week from July 1st to July 7th 2023. Compost from the vermicomposting pits was harvested and used for planting various plants. Ten members of Nature Club had actively participated in the activity. Around 40 plants of ornamental and flowering plants were planted during Van- Mahotsav week.

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Vermicomposting Project at Shri Ambika Yoga Seva Kendra, Kelve Road (w) on 2nd February, 2023

Nature Club has conducted various environmental activities like vermicomposting project, Butterfly Garden project etc. in our college. Under beyond the campus environmental promotional activities, members of Nature Club have visited Shri Ambika Yoga Seva Kendra, Kelve Road (w) on 2nd February, 2023. The members have erected Vermicompost Project in Kendra’s garden. The Kendra is visited by many people in and around village. Our project will help in educating these people in the village and the visitors of the Kendra, a better way of recycling the organic waste (dry leaves etc.) into compost, which otherwise they burn and cause environmental pollution.

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Vermicompost Harvesting and Reactivation of compost pits on 22nd and 23rd December, 2022

Vermicompost from the compost pits was harvested on 22nd and 23rd December, 2022. 50 sacks (around 500kg) of compost was harvested. The harvested compost was used in the butterfly garden, other garden area of the campus and for plantation. The compost pits are then reactivated on 7th and 10th December, 2022. The various steps of vermicomposting was displayed for educating the students and public in the ground near vermicomposting pits. A lecture on vermicomposting was conducted by Asst. Prof. Sony Paul. Then as per that students collected the garden waste and reactivated the pits. The butterfly Garden and garden area of the college was maintained by the members of Nature Club.

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Shilonda Trail(Nature Trail) at Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Borivli (E) , Mumbai on 30th August, 2022

Nature Club of our college has organized a Nature Trail at Shilonda in Sanjay Gandhi National Park on 30th August, 2022. Twenty three members of Nature club had participated in the trail. Asst. Prof. Sony Paul, chairperson of Nature Club and Asst. Prof. Dr. Bhavana Trivedi had accompanied them. Dr. Parvish Panya former Vice-Principal & Associate Professor in Zoology, consultant – Sanctuary Nature Foundation, Director – Science & Conservation was the nature interpreter for the trail. Our students from Commerce and Arts stream got an opportunity to learn about the connection between commerce, economics, environment and biodiversity. They were immensely benefited from the vast knowledge and experience of the resource person in the field of wildlife conservation and biodiversity.

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Van- Mahotsav week from July 1st to July 7th 2022

Members of nature Club have celebrated Van- Mahotsav week from July 1st to July 7th 2022. Compost from the vermicomposting pits was harvested and used during plantation day, 7th July 2022. A sale of organic compost and saplings was arranged on 7th July 2022. Twelve members of Nature Club actively participated in the activity. Around 40 plants of ornamental and flowering plants were planted during Van Mahotsav week. An awareness drive on important of trees was conducted during the week. On 22nd July a meeting of Nature Club was conducted for the fresher’s. On 23rd July students made paper bags for packing compost for sale. They also made hangers to hang the flower pots. More saplings were planted on that day. Coconut leaf mats were made to write environment related slogans. Total 40 saplings were planted. Around 30 students had participated in various activities

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Nature Club Report 2021-22

Plantation Day (4th December 2021) Nature Club has organized ‘Plantation Day’ on 4th December, 2021. Twenty members of Nature Club have participated in the activity. Around 64 various types of plants, ornamental, medicinal and flower plants were planted in flower pots, Butterfly garden and in other campus area.
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Butterfly Garden Project

Butterfly garden project is an initiative undertaken to protect biodiversity. In Urban area like Mumbai life of butterflies and many species of living being are in danger. Butterflies and moths are indicators of a healthy environment and healthy ecosystems and they are important element of food chain and are prey for birds and other animals. Keeping all that in mind we incepted a butterfly garden with the help of eminent horticulturist Mr. Suhas Joshi and Bombay Natural History Society. It is designed to create an environment that attracts butterflies. Caterpillar host plant and nectar plants for adult butterflies are selected and planted in the garden. This small garden we use to educate our students about ecosystem services which we always neglect.

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Reactivating of Vermicomposting Pits.- 11th December, 2021

A lecture on the need of composting of organic waste and process of vermicomposting was delivered by Asst. Prof. Sony Paul., the in-charge of Nature Club on 11th December, 2021. After that, student reactivated the 6 compost pits as per the process explained in the lecture. The nearby area of compost pits were beautified by various plants. Various steps for conducting vermicomposting were further displayed by the students. Since the composting shed is in the ground and various programs and activities are conducted in the ground, our vermicomposting project is a step towards educating the students and people around our college on nutrient recycling from organic waste.

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Plantation Day- 4th December 2021

Nature Club has organized ‘Plantation Day’ on 4th December, 2021. Twenty members of Nature Club have participated in the activity. Around 64 various types of plants, ornamental, medicinal and flower plants were planted in flower pots, Butterfly garden and in other campus area.

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Nature Club Activities 2020-21 Report

Nature Club Activities: 60 sacks of compost was harvested and used in the butterfly Garden and plants in the entire campus area. Reactivated Composite Pits. New plants were planted in the butterfly garden. Mrs. Varsha Raut, 301/ A-wing, Lopes Residency has donated 4 plants for the butterfly garden. The field activities were not able to conduct because of Covid Pandemic. Six students have participated in environment awareness quiz competition conducted by K.J Somaiya College of Science and Commerce, Mumbai.

Sale of Organic Compost and Plant Saplings on 18th January, 2020

Members of Nature club have organized a sale of “Organic Compost and Plant Saplings” on 18th January, 2020. They were able to collect an amount of Rs. 1170/- from that sale.

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Adorning the renovated Canteen on 26th January, 2020

Canteen of our college was renovated on 26th January, 2020. Members of Nature Club have taken the responsibility of adorning the canteen. Mr. Vittal C. Chavan draw Warli painting on the walls of the canteen. Members of Nature Club have purchased 42 hanging baskets and filled the baskets with a layer of brick pieces and added mixture of vermicompost and soil. Different varieties of Money plants and other ornamental plants were planted in these baskets. After 20 days these were used to adorn the canteen.

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Nature Club Activities to make the campus Green

Members of Nature Club always add new plants in the butterfly garden and maintained it. They also add new variety of plants and arrange the plants harmoniously in the garden area of the campus. They always made all efforts to shape the campus environment into an attractive display. They always considered it as their responsibility towards nature. In return they derive satisfaction from involvement in the process of tending plants.

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Plantation Day 9th August, 2019

Nature Club has organized “Plantation Day” on 9th August 2019 in the college campus. Prin. Dr. Swati Pitale inaugurated the Plantation Day by planting the sapling of a champak plant, a large evergreen tree in the family Magnoliaceae. More than 50 saplings of different plants were planted by the members. Members reused the phenyl containers to plant the plant saplings. They painted the container with environment related slogans. They also painted the unwanted wooden boards to display the value of a tree, necessity to protect the environment and quotes of Great people.

Members of the Nature club also harvested the compost from vermicompost pit. Sale of compost was conducted on plantation day. Each packet of compost was sold @Rs.20. Members had collected Rs. 520 from the sale.

A free distribution of different plant saplings was organized on the same day by the members of Nature Club. Around 100 saplings of different varieties like interior, ornamental and flower plants were distributed on Plantation day. Fifty two people had benefited from the distribution of plants.

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“Gandhi Jayanti Activities” on 2nd October 2018

Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated by members of Nature Club in the following way:- A cleanliness drive was organized in the college campus. To save the environment they carried out a plantation drive. Around 35 saplings were planted and they took a vow to take care of the plants.

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"Vermicompost Harvesting" on 9th January 2019

On 9th January 2019 members of Nature Club harvested the compost form vermicomposting pits and reactivated the plant. They added organic waste and water it regularly. The regular monitoring of the vermicomposting is done by the students.

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"Sale of Vermicompost" On 6th February, 2019

On 6th February, 2019, a compost sale was Organised. The objective of the sale was to spread the message among the students and teachers ‘the value of waste’. The staff and students wholeheartedly participated in the sale. An amount of Rs. 900 was collected from the sale.

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“To Walk in Nature is to Witness a Thousand Miracles" Nature Trail on 18th August, 2018 "

Nature Club has organized a ‘Nature Trail’ to Sanjay Gandhi National Park Borivali on 18th August 20, 2018. Mrs. Vidya Mundale was the expert and guide throughout the trail. She explained the students about various flora and fauna of Sanjay Gandhi National Park Mumbai, which is an exceptional wilderness, spread over 103 Sq. Km. and is wedged between the suburbs of Mumbai and Thane. The Nature Trail gave our students a great opportunity to explore the miracles of Nature.

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“Cleanliness drive in the Sanjay Gandhi National Park on 18th August, 2018 "

On 18th August, 2018 the volunteers of NSS and Nature Club organized a cleanliness drive in the Sanjay Gandhi National Park Borivali. They collected all the plastics and plastic bottles around the track of the ‘Vanrani’ a mini toy train running in SGNP and cover around 2.5km.

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“Do Something Drastic, cut Plastic” 31st July 2018

Nature Club have organized a campaign on “Green and Clean Campus” and an Exhibition on “Green Alternative to Plastic” on 31st July 2018 in Prin. D. G. Samant hall. More than 35 saplings of different plants were planted by the members. The unused drums were painted with environment related slogans and used for plantation.

Exhibition was conducted at Prin. D. G. Samant Hall. Different articles like bags, table mat, puja mat, flowers, bouquet, from coconut leaves, paper and cloth bags, leaf plates and spoons etc. were made by the students and displayed. 176 people visited different stalls in the exhibition hall.

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Energy Conservation 11th July, 2017

An inspiring lecture on “Energy Conservation” was conducted on 11th July, 2017. For the same, Nature Club had invited Mr. Avadhesh Pandya, Working for Demand Side Management at Reliance Energy since 2010. He is a BEE Certified Energy Auditor & a Lead Auditor for ISO 9001 & ISO 14001. He gave a detailed explanation on how energy planning & management not only saves energy resources for future, avoids wasteful utilization of energy , provides solution to energy crisis & ensures per capita availability/consumption but controls environmental degradation & pollution. He also gave some energy saving tips that can be implemented on daily basis. The lecture was thoroughly meaningful & awareness oriented.

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Vermicompost Project On 4th August, 2017

On 4th August, 2017 Nature Club Members carried out Vermicompost Harvesting at college ground vermicompost pit wherein 5 Kg of compost was collected. Reactivating of Vermicompost pit took place on 24th August, 2017 by the members and 200kg of organic waste was recycled into compost.

Community Cleaning near Reliance area, Shailendra Nagar was conducted on 5th October 2017. We tried to inculcate the importance of cleanliness in our youth to build a stronger generation to be eco-friendly and following their social responsibilities. Campus cleanliness drive was undertaken in the month of November 2017.

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Van Mahotsav 5th July, 2017

The NSS Unit and Nature Club of Shailendra College jointly organized Tree Plantation in the college campus on 5th July 2017. The Highlight of the event was the valuable insight given by In-Charge Principal Dr. Swati Pitale. She emphasized on the responsibility to pass on a cleaner environment to future generations. She also appreciated the fact that our students not only planted trees annually but took enough post plantation care of them. Her speech was followed by staff and students participating in planting the saplings. The enthusiasm shown by volunteers and the efforts of the staff members made the event a grand success. The event spread the message of ‘Clean Shailendra, Green Shailendra’.

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Green and Clean Campus Campaign
A campaign on “Green and Clean Campus” was organized by members of Nature Club on 28th July to 3oth July. The campaign was inaugurated by Prin. V. M. Ingavale on 28th July. Members gifted plants to their teachers.

On 29th members of Nature Club visited each class room and try to bring awareness among the students about :

  • Unhealthy practices which filth the campus
  • Ways to recycle the waste
  • The municipal bylaws to make Mumbai clean
  • Contribution of oneself to make the campus Green and Clean
On 30th cleanliness drive was conducted. Posters related to clean and green campus was displayed. Members also planted saplings in the campus.

Nature club 2016-17

  • Van Mahotsav from 1st July to 7th July: The name Van Mahotsava means "the festival of trees". It has gained significant national importance and, every year, millions of saplings are planted across India in observation of Van Mahotsav week. The constant felling of trees in India has been a problem for a long time, and Van Mahotsav is important in creating awareness of the issues. Shailendra College
  • Reactivating of Vermicompost pits on 3rd July, 2016: Members harvested vermicompost in the first week of July, 2016. Around 300 kg of compost were harvested and used in various gardens in the college premises. Pits were filled with dried leaves and other biodegradable materials. The slurry of cow dung and goat dung were poured over ity and finally earthworms were added. On daily basis, water was sprinkled.
  • Maintainance of Butterfly Garden in the month of September, 2016: Butterflies are some of the most beautiful and interesting creatures on Earth. A butterfly garden is an easy way to see more butterflies and to help them, since many natural butterfly habitats have been lost to human activities like building homes, roads and farms. Butterfly Garden has been set up in the campus to attract these beautiful species. On regular basis, weeding and trimming of the plants were carried out. New varieties of plants were planted in which the caterpillars thrive. Posters explaining different types of plants are also displayed.
  • Essay and Poem Writing and Poster Making Competition on “Save Water and Share Water” on 10th January, 2017: Competition of essay, poem writing and poster making was conducted along with Abhinav Bharat organization. The theme of the competition was” Save Water and Share Water”. Large number of students participated from B. Com, B.A., B.B.I., B.M.S. and B.Sc(I.T).

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    Nature club 2015-16

    Nature club had conducted the following activities during the academic year 2015-16. A Campaign on ‘Green and Clean Campus’ was conducted from 28th July to 30th July 2015. Plantation Day was celebrated on 3rd September 2015. Maintenance of Butterfly Garden was done throughout the academic year. A Visit to Conservation Education Centre, Bombay Natural History Society, Near Filim City, Goregaon(E), Mumbai-65 was conducted on 8th Dec 2015. Members of Nature Club harvested the Vermicompost on 1st to 4th December 2015 and the sale of the same was conducted on 10th December 2015. Members reactivated Vermiculture pits on 15th December 2015.

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    Nature club 2014-15

    The first meeting of Nature Club was conducted on 2nd July, 2014. Mr. Kishore Dhangar of S.Y.B.M.S was selected as the Secretary of Nature Club. Around 30 students actively participated in all the activities of the club throughout the year. Nature Club conducted the following activities during the academic year 2014-15:

  • Plantation Day on 25th July, 2014: Nature Club celebrated ‘Plantation Day’ on 25thJuly, 2014. Members cleaned and prepared the municipal area near the college for plantation. Around 100 plants were planted. As an awareness drive on cleanliness, sanitation and importance of trees, posters relating to Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai’s bylaws on cleanliness and sanitation and ‘the value of a tree’ etc. were displayed. The members regularly watered the plants and maintained the place clean and green. As a result they were able to convert the land which was filthy for years to become a beautiful garden.
  • Maintenance of Butterfly Garden: Butterflies are not only beautiful but also ecologically very important. They are essential pollinators and are valuable indicators of ecological health. The butterflies and moths are under endangerment because of habitat degradation. Taking care of the above factors, for protecting the biodiversity in the urban area, Nature Club set a butterfly Garden in the campus. On a regular basis weeding and trimming of plants in the butterfly garden and herbal garden were done by the members of Nature Club. The posters explaining the Need of butterfly garden, the different type of plants needed to set the butterfly garden, cycle of butterflies etc. were displayed.
  • Reactivating of Vermiculture pits on 10th and 11th October, 2014: Members harvested vermicompost in the first week of July, 2014. Around 500kg of compost was harvested and used in various gardens in the premises. The compost pit was reactivated by the members on 10th January 2014. Pits were filled with dry leaves and other biodegradable materials. The slurry of cow dung was poured over it and at the end earthworms were added. Water was sprinkled on a daily basis. It is planned to harvest compost after 3 months.
  • Photography Competition: With an aim to make a database of different birds, butterflies and moths visiting the campus, Nature club conducted a Photography Competition “Winged Visitors of Shailendra Campus’. Students were allowed to click a picture of any winged species and mail it to Thirty eight photographs were received. The first prize winner is Mr. Omkar Ghogale (S.Y.B.M.S.) and second prize winner is Mr. Siddharth Verma (S.Y.B.A.)