Activities of the DepartmentBack

  • The department of history offers 12 papers for FYBA, SYBA and TYBA students in the Credit Based Semester and Grading System
    • Semester I (FYBA) Paper I History of Modern India (1857-1947 AD)
    • Semester II (FYBA) Paper II: History of Modern India: Economy and Society
    • Semester III and IV (SYBA) Paper III and V: Landmarks in World History (1453-1945)
    • Semester III and IV (SYBA) Paper IV and VI : History of Ancient India
    • Semester V (TYBA) Paper VII: History of the Sultanate Period (1000AD – 1526 AD)
    • Semester V (TYBA) Paper VIII: History of Modern Maharashtra (1818 AD -1960 AD)
    • Semester V (TYBA) Paper IX A: Introduction to Archaeology
    • Semester VI (TYBA) Paper XIII: History of Mughal Rule (1526AD – 1707AD)
    • Semester VI (TYBA) Paper XIV: History of Contemporary India (1964AD – 2000AD)
    • Semester VI (TYBA) Paper XV A: Introduction to Museology, Archival and Library Sciences
  • Department organizes regular study tours to Museums and Archives to help students appreciate the niceties of the paper XV A under the syllabus
  • Guest lectures by the experts in the field of Archaeology are organised
  • Department also organizes visits to various locations which are reflecting heritage of our nation to promote better understanding of concept of heritage tourism
  • The department partake in study visits to places of historical significance under the aegis of History and Political Science Association
  • Remedial lectures are conducted to assist the students who need special attention
  • Students are encouraged to take up research and civil services as carrier options

Year of Establishment 1996


Prof. Aditya D. Dhayfule
JRF-NET, SET, M.A.(Assistant Professor)