Women’s Development Cell


Women’s Development Cell organizes programs to increase awareness of women issues and promotes gender equality.

Workshop on “Self Defence” on 4th, 5th and 6th Oct., 2018

Women Development Cell of Shailendra Education Society’s Arts, Commerce & Science College had conducted three days workshop on “Self Defence’ for girls students. Workshop was conducted on 4th, 5th and 6th Oct., 2018 for two hours in a day from 9.30 am to 11.30 am. in our Prin. D.G. Samant hall , college premises. Total 99 girls of FY, SY, TY from different courses like BCOM, BA, BBI, BMS & BSC(IT) had participated enthusiastically and got benefitted with the same .

Three days workshop was conducted by Mr. Mahendra Raje , Founder and Chief Instructor of Commando Training Academy with his staff .He has a 22 years of experience in this field. First day started with an introduction of why it is essential to learn Self Defence in today’s time. Various techniques of self defence were exhibited and students were told to practice it. Stamina was a biggest challenge and trainer then concentrated on how to build stamina for that day.

Second day started with the revision of first day and a group discussion on ‘why alertness is an important aspect for safety’ was conducted . Almost all groups were in agreement that it is an importance to avert risk. Day progressed with lot of strengthening exercises and later on ended with session on Alertness. Third day’s emphasis was on fitness including Physical and Mental fitness. Trainer had demonstrated how during weapon attack mental fitness and alertness can save a person . Various tips on the growth and development of body were shared. Finally session ended with practical demonstration of all techniques learnt by students . Students thoroughly enjoyed and learned a lot from this almost all of them had shared a very positive feedback about it.

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“EXPRESSION” MY BODY – MY CHOICE an intra-college verbal and non-verbal competition on 5th September, 2018

Woman Development cell of Shailendra Degree College had organized an event “EXPRESSION” MY BODY – MY CHOICE an intra-college verbal and non-verbal competition with Majlis Legal Center on 5th Sept. 2018 in college premises. On the topic of My Body –My Choice students had presented Slogan, Poem, Speech, Song, Skit, Poster and Collage. Large no of girls and boys had participated in this event.

Competition was judged by Mr. AmitTiwari - Journalist, NavBharat Times & Ms. AshaRodiyal – Lawyer at Maylis Legal Center. Students were awarded with certificates.


  • In verbal: 1st NehaShinde (S.Y.B.A.)
  • 2nd Marathi Skit (S.Y. & T.Y.B.Sc.(I.T.))
  • Non-verbal: 1st Pratiksha Kudal (F.Y.B.A.)
  • 2nd Divya Champanerkar – (T.Y.B.A.)

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    Workshop on “Legal Rights of women” on 4th August, 2018

    A Workshop on Legal rights of Women was organized by Women’s Development Cell for girls’ students on 4th August, 2018

    The speaker Ms.Shreya Kanaujia from Majilis Law Centre had conducted this session. Total 110 girls students had attended this programmer. Lecture has covered issues of sexual violence, sexual harassments and domestic violence related laws.

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    International Women’s Day was celebrated on 8th March 2018

    International Women’s Day was celebrated on 8th March 2018 in association with Rotary Club of Mumbai Western Elite, Goregaon (E). Seven members of Rotary club visited college and they informed girl students about reusable sanitary napkins, its benefits, uses and hygiene related issues. They also distributed reusable sanitary napkin packets to girls students free of cost under their CSR activities.

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    15th Feb, 2018 a lecture was held on the “Breast Cancer prevention And Seminar on ‘Personality Development’ on 16th Feb, 2018

    On 15th Feb, 2018 a lecture was held on the “Breast Cancer prevention and how to be preventive for Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD) health issue among females”. This session was conducted by the expert Doctors of Brahma Kumari’s Global Hospitals and Research Centre of Andheri. The doctors had rich experience in their respective field for more than 15 years.

    In first session, Dr. Neha Pawar, Gynecologist and obstetrician had briefed students about what is breast cancer, reasons of breast cancer & how one can diagnose it at early age. Also she discussed the PCOD health issues which are growing these days among females.

    Second session was addressed by Dr. Ritesh Gupta Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon. He explained Post Breast Cancer operated patient’s physical appearance issues among females. He further explained ways of surgeries through which one can overcome the post-operative issues among cancer patient.

    A Seminar on ‘Personality Development’ was conducted on 16th Feb, 2018. Seminar was addressed by Expert Image Consultant Ms. Prachi Kesarwari, Founder & Chief Image Consultant of Imaginesta. Ms.Prachi Kesarwari is experienced Corporate Trainer-cum-Chief Image Consultant for various MNCs. In the seminar, Speaker covered various aspects of Image enhantments like Confidence, Appearance, Clothing according to body shape, level of dressing, Interview Etiquette, etc.

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    Lecture on 'Self Defense' 8th September, 2017

    Women Development Cell had organized a lecture on 'Self Defense ‘on 8th September, 2017. The session was conducted by Mr. Sandeep Palav and Mr. Melwin Joseph. Both are learning and teaching Karate – Goju Ryu Japanese karate style form since last 27 years. Mr. Sandeep Palav won the state level and represented national level Championships through All India Karate Federation and Maharashtra Karate Association. During the program following demonstrations were given by their team:

    1. Body conditioning demonstration.
    2. Self-defense techniques demonstration.
    3. Group kata demonstration.
    4. Street fight defense demonstration.
    5. Bricks breaking demonstration.
    6. Meditation

    The speaker also presented some inspirational videos on Self Defense. This lecture was a great encouragement for girl students in cultivating self defense techniques.

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    Lecture on 'Health Management' 18th July 2017

    Women Development Cell had organized a lecture on Health Management on 18th July 2017. Session was conducted by Ms. Aishwarya Ghonge third year student of Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery. Where the speaker explained about the various issues focusing on prevention and early diagnosis on lifestyle diseases like obesity, Hypertension, Hormonal Imbalance, early onset of Diabetes, Cancer & Depression. The speaker also presented some videos on Self Examination by experts.

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    Lecture on ‘Daily Beauty Home Care’ 25th July 2016

    Women’s Development Cell had organised a lecture on ‘Daily Beauty Home Care’ on 25th July, 2016. Session was conducted by Mrs. Sunita Khanduri specialist in acupuncture, naturopathy and cosmetology. She briefed girls about scientific structure of skin, its types and many beauty therapies. Day to day home care tips with do’s and don’ts was also discussed.The session was very much interactive among students, teachers and guest. Various queries were answered by the speaker.

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    Talk on ‘Relationship Management’ 21st July 2016

    Women’s Development Cell had organised its first activity with a lecture on “Relationship Management”. Lecture was conducted in Prin. D. G. Samant Hall on 21st July, 2016. Separate sessions were conducted for boys and girls by Mr. Vivek Kashikar. Mr. Vivek Kashikar, is a member of NGO called “ Vivek Jyotsna” and has been conducting lectures on relationship management since so many years. He had delivered lecture on sensitive issues related to college students like physical relations among students before marriage, depression due to relationship and many other relevant issues. Student’s misconceptions about these issues were properly addressed by the speaker.

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    On 4th August, 2015 a guest lecture on Women empowerment was conducted in the college A.V room. Dino Matthew was the guest for the lecture. The program was arranged by Anubhav Mumbai. It was an interactive session, views of different girls where asked and solutions where discussed with them. Lecture was very inspiring for girl students.

    Next event was conducted on 2nd December, 2015. A seminar on Women Commuters Security was conducted by Railway Protection Force, Western Railway, Mumbai Central. Seminar started at 8.30 am in D.G Samant hall. Felicitation of security commissioner was done by the Chairman Mr. A.R. Mejari.

    Mr. Anand Vijay Jha, Security commissioner conducted a very effective speech through power point presentation, more than 100 students where participated. Mr. Jha listed all the precautionary measures for the women safety. He also gave some examples of incidents happened in railway and also mentioned the actions taken by R.P.I.

    Students where provided with all the emergency contact numbers of suburban’s and all over India. Motivation was given to students for working in railway by informing job opportunities and internship. They were asked for doubts and suggestions which were taken into consideration.

    The seminar was very much informative and inspiring for the students.

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    Women’s Development Cell organizes programmes to increase awareness of women issues and promotes gender equality. In the past few years the rate of HIV/AIDS has increased. It has become essential to inform the students of the causes and impact of HIV/AIDS. The WDC organized an interesting seminar on “HIV AIDS” on 2nd December, 2014. Ms. Dinoo Mathew, the resource person from ‘ANUBHAV’ Mumbai an NGO, addressed the students on awareness of HIV/AIDs, its causes, impact and corrective measures for the same.

    A guest lecture in the month of July was organized on “Current Status of Women”. The lecture was addressed by Advocate Ms. Sunila Bhise. She highlighted on various dimensions of women’s social, political as well global status. She also discussed various cases related to women’s status.