AROMA - The Talent in our DNA 2019


Event on “ Accountaholic ”

This competition was conducted with an objective to test students’ knowledge in field of accountancy. In first round students were given financial statements of companies and were told to calculate ratios on that basis. Ratios were checked by Judge “Mr Amarnath Shukla”tax consultant. In second round teams presented the financial position of the company on the basis of ratios calculated by them. In final round honorable judge questioned students about the financial aspects of companies. At end of the third round judge declared results on basis of average score of all three rounds. In all this competition gave an insight to students of how financial ratios can be used for finding financial position of a company.

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Event on “ Darpan”

News is the leading source of knowledge about global affairs for people around the world so this year students learning communication prepared newspaper in three languages English, Hindi and Marathi where in all 74 students participated .In all seven newspapers were made covering different section of the paper with a suitable title. In addition to it students made their company’s logo, uniform, id-card and gave presentation followed by question and answer session to the invited judge “Mr. Dhaval Solanki” from The Times of India. Overall objective for conducting Darpan (newspaper making) competition in Aroma was to inculcate newspaper reading habits in the students. The Event was conducted on 28th August 2019 by appreciating all students and by rewarding winners.

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An innovative event “Farm to Market” was conducted at Aroma Festival, 2019-20 in the college premises on 28th August , 2019. Mr. Venkat Iyer,Organic Farmer, Author and Writer, Peth Village , Paldhar District, Mumbai, Maharashtra had come as a Judge. Total 33 students divided into six groups participated in this event. Students prepared presentation related to future aspects of farming and how to make it viable by introducing innovative ideas of selling food products made by selected crops. Some of the students had actually grown crop in the premises and presented growth pattern of crop. Students were highly motivated with the speech & practical information related to organic farming given by judge. At the end three teams were declared as winners on the basis of their overall presentation and felicitated by the Management and Principal.

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Event on “ Management games”

In management games three rounds were conducted. First round hula-hoop was given to team and they were asked to pass among themselves without touching it with their hands. In second round number from 1 to 50 were scattered on stage and their team was asked to stand on the announced number. In final round pipes were given to team and they were asked to pass ball from the pipes without touching it .Total 11 teams consisting of 10 members had participated. At the end of the competition students were awarded with certificates. In all this competition highlighted the importance of team work among the students.

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Event on “Untold Stories of Entrepreneurs”

To polish and upgrade the Entrepreneur skills among students an event was organized named “Untold Stories of Entrepreneurs” on 28th August, 2019 in Prin. D. G. Samant hall under the fest AROMA- “The Talent in our DNA”.
The event had 10 groups comprising of two members each. Every group presented a story which was not so common yet inspiring for all on how to start one’s own business.
The event was judged by Ms. Namrata Thakker (Founder of Entrepreneur Excel). Best group and Best story was awarded with Trophies.
Overall this event gave students an idea about how entrepreneurs make their business worth and how to tackle problems and overcome them to enhance one’s business skills.

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Workshop on Online "MCA-CET Exam"

A one Day Workshop on Online MCA-CET Exam was organized exclusively for T.Y.B.Sc. (IT) students on 28th August 2019 in Lab 4 in which 23 students had participated. The workshop provided information about MAH MCA CET 2019 Online exam registration process, eligibility criteria, cast wise exam fees, grade to percentage convergent formula provided which is by Mumbai University. The students got hands on mock practice training of Online CET exam.

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Event on “ Competitive Exam”

For enhancing students soft skills relating to competitive exam , an event “ Competitive Exam” was organized in Prin. D. G. Samant Hall on 29th August, 2019 under the fest AROMA- “THE TALENT IN OUR DNA”. In this students were asked to give exam on NISM , MBA Entrance, IBPS. Students were trained related to this exam. In total 117 students had participated in this event. 50 Questions were asked in 1 hour time limit. This event help students to gain experience related to competitive exam.
Participating certificate was given to all students. The students who stood first three were awarded by Trophies.

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Seminar on Basics of Network Security

AROMA - The Talent in our DNA organized on 27th to 29th August 2019. For BSC (IT) students a seminar on Basics of Network Security was organized on 29th August in Lab 3. Seminar was conducted by Mr Suraj Torane, Manager, eClerx.
Students got knowledge of Network Security.

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Workshop on “Web and Mobile layout using Photoshop”

On 27th August, 2019 a one day workshop on “Web and Mobile layout using Photoshop” was arranged in Lab 4 during the college fest “AROMA- The Talent in our DNA”, where 26 students from B.Sc.I.T and BMS enrolled themselves and Mr. Mrinal Chakraborty the resource person who guided about different layouts, and customization and reuse of images with better ideas and better efficiency for creating a Mobile layout using Photoshop.

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“Automation Testing Tool Workshop” was organized for T.Y.B.Sc.(IT) students from 9.00 a.m. onwards in lab 4, on 29th August, 2019. Mr. Mihir Joshi, QA Leader from the Freestone InfoTech Pvt. Ltd. was the guest for the workshop. There were 27 students participated for the same.
Content: Learn hands on
Benefits for student:
  • Learn Postman automation testing tool.
  • Download and Install Postman.
  • API Testing.
  • Create NEW request in Postman.
  • GET request in Postman.
  • Response in Postman.
  • Request Parameters in Postman.
  • POST Request.
  • Hands on Practical.
    Benefits for students:
  • Learned Postman automation testing tool.
  • Automation helps you find bugs in the early stages of software development, reducing expenses and working hours to fix these problems as well.

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    Workshop on “Digital Automation with Artificial intelligence” on 27th August 2019

    One day workshop on “Digital Automation with Artificial intelligence” have been arranged for B.Sc(IT) students on 27th August 2019 in lab3 . Mr. Jijo Varkey, from the Janki Center Institute was the resource person and around 40 students from Fy ,Sy and Ty B.Sc(IT) have been enrolled.

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    Every year degree college organises the three day fest “Aroma-The talent in our DNA” for upgrading student’s knowledge about the current trends in sectors like education, employment, industry etc. The fest comprised of eleven competitions. The fest started with Inauguration function, wherein our management members, judges lighten the lamp followed by introductory speech by our Principal.

    The fest started with first competition naming GST Calculation Competition. This competition comprised of two rounds and total four teams participated in it. In the first round Judge CA. Arpit Kabra asked students to calculate GST on commodities given by him. Then each student explained the calculation done by them followed by brief introduction about the impact of GST. In the second round the Judge asked three questions to each team related to different sectors affected by GST. Based on performance of students in both rounds the Judge selected two teams for prizes. The competition was concluded by brief summarisation of GST given by Jdge CA. Arpita Kabra.

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    Competition on Mergers & Acquisitions on 29th August, 2018

    To enhance the knowledge and understanding about the working of companies that merge together, hence on the similar lines a Competition on Mergers & Acquisitions was arranged on 29th August, 2018 under the fest AROMA- “The Talent in our DNA”.

    The competition had three groups where in each group enacted the merger of different company’s that is Vodafone- Idea, Flipkart- Walmart & Axis bank- Free charge. Each group comprised of 8 members representing their respective companies. The event was judged by Mr. CA Harsh Patel (Global CEO- Water & Shark Group). Best team members were awarded with medals and certificates and prize was also given for Best presenter Male & Female category.

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    Moot Court Competition on 30th August 2018

    To impart practical knowledge of law practices an event Moot Court Competition was arranged in Aroma – The talent in our DNA 2018. Students from all streams practiced focusing on different current affairs like plastic issues, E-learning Apps and Metro a Course or a Boon. Good performing students were awarded trophy and Certificate which was handed to them by a High Court Advocate Mr. Abhijit Singh who was the judge for the event on 30th August 2018.

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    Payment Bank's practices event on 30th August 2018

    Payment Bank's practices event had been organized on 30th August 2018 as part of Aroma- Talent in our DNA. In this event various payment banks like Vodafone, M-paisa, Paytm, Pay paisa, Airtel money and Indian Post Payment Bank counter was set up by the students. Each group explained their respective bank's functioning and features to all visitors. More than 50 visitors came and they gave their preference towards available payment bank and based on their preference, two most preferable bank groups were awarded by prizes.

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    To give Practical Knowledge about Innovations in Insurance, our college organised an “AROMA FEST”. Innovations in Insurance competition was held on 28th August. This competition comprised of three rounds and total four groups participated in the competition. First round was Power Point Presentation round, were in students explained various Innovations in the Insurance sector. In the second round each team enacted play to give a practical Experienced of how insurance is actually functioning in India. In Third round judge Mr Anjani Kumar Singh tested teams Knowledge by asking them Questions related to insurance. Based on the three rounds the judge selected best Presenter from each team. The competition Was concluded by prize distribution through judge’s hand.

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    To create the awareness and enhanced the knowledge of students relating to the role of regulatory bodies, event “ROLE OF REGULATORY BODIES” in Indian Financial Market was organised. Three regulatory Bodies were selected i.e. RBI, IRDA & SEBI. There were three groups representing each regulatory bodies. Each group consisted of four members respectively and they elaborate their respective role of regulatory bodies.The event was judged by CA Durgesh Kabra,who selected best group “SEBI” based on their performance. The winning group was awarded by prizes.

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    7 P’S of marketing

    Marketing sector is an important past of every organisation . so to upgrade students knowledge . a competition namely 7P’S of marketing was conducted on 28th August 2018 under the fest Aroma – The talent in our “ DNA”. The above competition comprised of 2 round and total 4 teams of 5 students each participated in the competition .The team corered Education, Automobile, cosmetics, and health care industries. for competition . In round 1 the students explained the 7P’S of marketing for their sector with the help of ppt presentation.In round 2,students explained the concept of 7P’S by enacting a play . Best group was selected and awarded based on their performance in both rounds by Judge Mr. CA Girish Mahadalkar.

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    Workshop on “Mobile repairing workshop”

    The “Mobile Repairing Workshop” have been arranged in Aroma – The talent in our DNA 2018 for F.Y. /S.T. /T.Y. B.Sc. (IT) students on 30th August, 2018 in Room No 509. Mr. Chetan Virani founder of Virani Telecom and Institute was the guest for the workshop.

    Topics covered in the workshop are as follows:

  • Live Mobile Repairing Demonstration
  • Information about All Hardware Parts in Mobile.
  • Information about Software and Tools used in mobile repairing.
  • Secretes Codes used in mobiles.
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    Automation Testing Tool Workshop
    “It’s automation, not auto-magic”

    “Automation Testing Tool Workshop” was organized for T.Y.B.Sc.(IT) students from 9.00 a.m. onwards in lab 4, on 30th August, 2018. Mr. Mihir Joshi, QA Leader from the Freestone InfoTech Pvt. Ltd. was the guest for the workshop. Twenty Six students participated in the workshop.
    Content: Learn hands on
  • What is Selenium?
  • Selenium features comparing to QTP.
  • Component of Selenium.
  • Selenium IDE, RC, Grid.
  • Selenese.
  • Testing with Selenium.
  • Hands on Practical.
    Benefits for students:
  • Learned Selenium automation testing tool.
  • Automation helps you find bugs in the early stages of software development, reducing expenses and working hours to fix these problems as well.
  • You don’t need new scripts all the time, even if the version of the OS on the device changes.

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    Workshop on “Cisco networking and Routing protocols”

    Two day workshop on “Cisco networking and Routing protocols” have been arranged for T.Y.B.Sc(IT) students on 28th and 29th August 2018 in lab 4. Mr.Munawar S.Khan, from the Excel It Services Institute was the guest for the workshop. 28 students have been enrolled.

    Topics covered in the workshop are as follows:
  • Configure and verify utilizing the CLI to set basic Router configuration.
  • Cisco IOS commands to perform basic router setup.
  • Configure and verify operation status of an Ethernet interface.
  • Verify router configuration and network connectivity.
  • Cisco IOS commands to review basic router information and network connectivity.

  • Static vs. Dynamic
  • Link State vs. Distance Vector
  • IP Routing Table

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    Mock Stock Exchange

    A virtual stock market with the help of Bombay Stock Exchange was created on 29 August 2018 in the college premises to help students to understand how the stock market works. Students had played roles of company representatives, brokers and traders. It was a closed outcry trading floor where current news at macro and micro level related to ten stocks were displayed continuously for students to invest and understand market fluctuation and impact of world economy.24 volunteers and 40 investors had participated in ring trading. Stock market chaos filled with lots of fun and excitement till the market closed after an hour. Finally best trader’s team was awarded with certificates and trophy. Two teams were declared runner ups

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    AROMA - The Talent in our DNA 2017

    EVENTS ON 8TH DEC, 2017

    1. MOCK BANK- To create awareness among the students about the Bank and it’s activates, a Mock Bank set up was created with help of Canara Bank. Various counters for Saving Account/FD/RD, Loan, Insurance, Help Desk, Relationship Manager, Cash deposit/withdrawal etc., was arranged. 24 Students were trained to act as employees of the Bank, who will help the customers and also handle the queries, Read More..

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    AROMA - The Fragrance of Talent 2016

    Shailendra Education Socity’s Arts, Commerce and Science college had organized inter-collegiate competition “AROMA- The fragrance of talent 2016” on 9th August 2016 for self-finance courses. This competition was hosted first time in the year of 2006-2007. It is a platform where student can show their talent. This time there was a guest lecture, Research paper presentation competition and logo quiz. The guest lecture was on ‘Motivation and Leadership’ by Mr. Sanjay Rahate, founder and CEO of GetsetgoIndia. Then Research paper presentation competition and logo quiz was organised. Finally the winners of competition were offered cash prizes and trophies. The competition taken place with huge response of different colleges and students. 32 colleges and 220 students had participated in the competition. It was a great success.

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